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Dexterity Roofing Services are Sydney's Velux Skydome Skyspan, Skyspan and Regent roofing specialists. We are the experts in installing skylights, solar roof lights and accessories for all major brands. We offer a wide range of accessories and flashings for all popular brands. Our prices are unbeatable in terms of service, quality and value.

For accessories such as the Electric Light Add On and Dimmer Switch, wiring may be necessary. These may require separate arrangements by qualified electricians. We are available to help you if you have any questions. Our skylight installation team has completed a comprehensive Certification Program. They are skilled at installing skylight systems in a variety of roof types and home styles.

Skylight Installation Services in Sydney

Adding a skylight into your property has many benefits. It increases the amount of natural light into your home, making a space appear brighter during the day and reduces the need for artificial lighting - allowing you to save on your energy bills. If you are looking to add value to your property, installing new skylights is a great way to do this as they significantly increase the overall value of your home. 

It is important to let experienced technicians handle the installation of skylights. A skylight disrupts the roof surface and creates a hole, and if it is not installed properly you will experience gaps, leaks and safety issues in the roofing cavity. If you’re thinking about installing a new skylight, call us today to speak to one of our licensed professionals.
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Start your project with a personalized consultation that focuses on your specific needs. Our personal and client-focused approach is what we are known for. This begins with a free consultation. Here you can expect:

  • Talk about exactly what you want.
  • Consider your budget and determine what you can afford.
  • Get an idea of your timeline and availability.
  • Talk about any ideas that you might have and how they would fit into your budget.
  • To move forward, create a plan.

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