We Collaborate With Insurance Companies

Dexterity Roofing Services collaborates with top builders and insurance companies in NSW to complete your roof insurance claim. We aim to make the process of getting insurance work done on your home as seamless and smooth as possible. This is possible because we work directly with the builder and insurance company, and keep you informed about how the works are progressing.

We know that it is possible you have never filed a claim for damages to your home. This can make the process of filing an insurance claim and repairing damage to your home more daunting. You will naturally have questions about your claim and what the next steps are.

We Provide Temporary Roof Repair

Your insurance company can arrange for a make-safe if your roof leaks after a storm.
A make-safe is temporary roof repair. It may involve changing a single tile or more extensive work to fix the problem permanently. This service includes: You've experienced a storm and have filed a claim. What's next?
  • Inspection of the roof and leakage area.
  • If possible, rectification at the end of the day.
  • We will make any temporary repairs necessary to repair the damage on the date. If this is not possible, we will provide you with a quotation for what needs to be done. You will receive photos of all temporary works, as well as any maintenance required. You will also receive a satellite map that shows the areas in need of repairs and maintenance.
  • For any maintenance that we recommend, we also offer a separate quotation.
After the make-safe is complete, an insurance assessor will visit the site to verify storm damage and maintenance.

What's The Difference?

Storm-related damage refers to damage that is directly caused by a storm. High wind, hail, tree limbs and falling debris are some examples. The roof's general wear and tear over a long period are called maintenance. You are usually informed about maintenance issues when there is a storm. You may find out that your home needs maintenance after storm damage is assessed. The homeowner is responsible for maintaining their home and it is not covered by insurance.

It is important to maintain your roof. Contact us if you'd like to have a roof inspection done. After the initial assessment is approved, the roofer will get in touch with you to confirm the materials. After materials are confirmed, they can be ordered. Once the materials have been received, the roofer will reach out to you to set up a time to finish the work.
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Getting Started

Start your project with a personalized consultation that focuses on your specific needs. Our personal and client-focused approach is what we are known for. This begins with a free consultation. Here you can expect:

  • Talk about exactly what you want.
  • Consider your budget and determine what you can afford.
  • Get an idea of your timeline and availability.
  • Talk about any ideas that you might have and how they would fit into your budget.
  • To move forward, create a plan.

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