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Professional Roof Maintenance Services in Sydney

Bedding & Pointing, Leaking Roof, Replacement of Tiles, and Bedding.

Dexterity Roofing Services has over 10 years of experience and thousands of satisfied clients. A leaking or damaged roof can cause damage to your commercial or residential property, leading to a higher repair cost.

Our licensed roofing specialists can assess the damage to your tiled or metal roof quickly, perform a make-safe (to prevent further water damage), and offer a cost-effective solution for roof repairs that meets, if not exceeding NSW building standards. A metal roof can be repaired by simply replacing damaged roofing sheets, flashings or cappings. We can also replace skylights and whirlybirds.

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What is Make-Safe?

A make-safe is temporary roof repair. It may involve changing a single tile or more extensive work to fix the problem permanently. This service includes:
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Getting Started

Start your project with a personalized consultation that focuses on your specific needs. Our personal and client-focused approach is what we are known for. This begins with a free consultation. Here you can expect:

  • Talk about exactly what you want.
  • Consider your budget and determine what you can afford.
  • Get an idea of your timeline and availability.
  • Talk about any ideas that you might have and how they would fit into your budget.
  • To move forward, create a plan.

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Look no further. At Dexterity Roofing Services we pride ourselves on our quality service and expertise. With over a decade of experience, our team of specialists are able to solve any roofing issue!
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